EVAN GRUZIS at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Evan Gruzis's work *Assorted Cosmetics*, which is part of the Milwaukee Art Museum's collection, is on view in the museum's newly renovated and reopened collection galleries. After a six-year renovation and and expansion, the MAM's collection reopened to the public on November 24.

Debora Delmar Corp., tank.tv, new materialism, still


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Iris Touliatou and Duve Berlin are featured in the Artspace's summing-up article from last edition of art berlin contemporary. 

Iris Touliatou will participate in this year's edition of PARALLEL Vienna from September 22 – 27th.

In the frame of this year's edition of *curated by_vienna*, Marguerite Humeau is part of the exhibition *Days of Future Just Past* at Charim Gallery in Vienna. Humeau will exhibit her sound piece *Cleopatra That Godess*.

Roman Liška will be part of the show *Can't Hug Every Cat* at Kunstquartier Bethanien, from September 18–20.

The show includes works by Florian Baudrexel, Dani Jakob, Manuela Leinhoß, Roman Liška, Florian Schmidt, Alexander Wolff and Michaela Zimmer.


In the frame of the exhibition "MACROCOSMI - ORDNUNGEN ANDERER ART. Ein Dialog zwischen Berlin und Bologna", works by Jens Einhorn and Evan Gruzis will be on view at Altes Postfuhramt West, Berlin, from September 14–20.

Debora Del Mar Corp. is featured in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar en Español.


"HOW MAJESTY ENDS", Marguerite Humeau 

Roman Liška in the group exhibition